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Equipment to recover stem cells from fatty tissue aspirates (obtained via liposuction).

I have been involved in research on stem cells biology and clinical applications since 2001. Initial research was focused on stem cells recovery from specimen obtained during liposuction. This research conducted with engineers and investigators from Cytori lead to the development of protocols for cells harvest during liposuction, allowed standardization of surgical equipment, and cells separating devices were constructed by Cytori.

Current research on stem cells genetic control and regulation of cellular transformation to produce desired tissue is conducted in cooperation with Dr. Victoria Lunyak from the Buck Institute.

New projects will include work on regulating cells differentiation and population of  cell carrying matrices and scaffolds. One of the goals is to produce stem cells populated implantable matrices for skin rejuvenation. Ultimately, it is envisioned that a patient could donate one’s own fat tissue, allow processing of the tissue, and undergo implantation of the stem cell containing dermal replacement; restoring youthful skin biology and appearance. Same pertains to breast tissue for cancer reconstruction and aesthetic enhancements.