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Advancing the treatments in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery along with the confidence and trust of patients who need them.

Plastic surgery is a complex specialty. And that is how I treat it. As the Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of California San Diego, I was privileged to lead the team of seasoned academic clinicians remaining at the forefront of research in wound care, burns, breast cancer, biomaterials and medical devices. The development and implementation of new technologies to cosmetic surgery and medicine and perfectioning of traditional ones is our specialty. Familiarity with virtually all old and new plastic surgery techniques allows customization of treatments: we offer what is the best for a patient. If a new technology is needed it is available, if time sanctioned procedure appears to be optimal, it is provided. Our forward thinking has made us a leader in breast surgery including oncoplasty. We direct one of the best Plastic Surgery Training Programs and our graduates are among the most successful young plastic surgeons.

Currently (August 2011) I am exploring a feasibility of multiple addtions of non-invasive modalities (for example, ultrasound for tissue tightening and fat dissipation) to the armamentarium of tools for cosmetic medicine and surgery.

Patient care, both in- or out-patient is provided in UC Medical Center hospitals and other facilities. Services are also rendered in other hospitals such as Rady’s Children and Sharp Memorial. For those who choose or those that need for medical reasons to stay in the hospital after surgery, cosmetic procedures are offered at the UCSD Thornton or Hillcrest Hospitals. For those seeking more privacy, cosmetic surgery is provided in a surgicenter adjacent to the Thornton Hospital. Patients are seen at 4510 Executive Drive, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92121-3022. Appointments: call 619 294 37 46.

-Marek Dobke, MD, PHD

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